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Did you tweet, blog, or otherwise participate in Day of DH 2015?  If so, link your activity here so we have a repository of DH activity across Texas.

Blog Post by Charlotte Nunes: “Connecting to the Ideologies That Surround Us”: English 10-714 Students Reflect on Digital Tools, Texts, and Narrative Itself”

Blog Post by Charlotte Nunes: “A Day in the Life of a Digital Humanist”

Several members of TXDHC created blogs at the LINDH site:
Teaching, grading, and DH (Adam Rabinowitz)
Free Association (Danielle Cuniff Plumer)
A Day of DH at the IDHMC at Texas A&M (Liz Grumbach, Matt Christy, Tim Duguid, Laura Mandell)
Ben Brumfield’s Day of DH (Ben Brumfield)

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